About Brightlight

BrightLight is a revolutionary learning app available on Web, Mobile and Tablets. Based on findings from recent research in the Cognitive Sciences, it incorporates proven principles of Accelerated Learning such as:

• Interval Learning or Spaced Repetition
• Forgetting Curve
• Retrieval Learning or Active Recall
• Gamification
• Flipped Teaching
• Performance Support
• Personalized Learning

On this app, you can learn lessons anywhere, anytime at short intervals and attempt quizzes in Assessment or Practice mode. BrightLight’s quiz-based module, in our view, is a catalyst to learning and not just a testing tool.

The appeal of this app is in its Gamified aspects. Gamification brings an element that is often missing in the learning process – the thrill. Here, players get an opportunity to compete with fellow players as individual players or teams. The leaderboard and scorecard provide motivation and trigger inherent competitive instincts. The players are also rewarded with badges and certificates as a reminder of their learning achievements offline.

BrightLight’s in-depth Reporting System informs you of individual scores, time spent by players, frequency of use and other details. The report also allows you to keep tabs on the effectiveness of your training systems, by tracking which sections of the training may require reinforcement based on overall scores.

BrightLight makes learning fun. And you can take it with you anytime, anywhere.

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